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What is
The Hearing Test?

The Hearing Test is a developing online residency between the composer and writer Ailís Ní Ríain and the creative technologist and artist Andrea Pazos. Both artists are hearing impaired and have been using their personal experience of hearing loss to develop this new web-based art project which asks users to take an online hearing test with a difference while questioning their perception of hearing impairment and deafness in contemporary life.

Taking online hearing tests has become a popular way for people worldwide to discover if they have hearing loss. It is quick and free and will instantly recommend a trip to the doctors if you have notable hearing loss. The Hearing Test presents a critical reflection on this concept of testing our hearing and our perception of deafness. Each person's deafness is unique to them, this is certainly our experience. Take the test, see and 'hear' the surreal results that will open your ears, eyes, mind and heart to the experience of living with hearing loss in contemporary society.

Developed through a residency programme by Abandon Normal Devices (AND Festival) in partnership with DaDaFest (Deaf and Disability Arts)


Here you can watch more of our Hearing Test music animations on your computer, IPhone or IPad. Have a Look!

About us

Ailís Ní Ríain is an Irish classical composer who likes to present music in a wide range of settings and work with a mixture of art-forms. She has composed mini-operas, music for lighthouses, telephone boxes, the Southbank, concert music, tape music and The National Concert Hall of Ireland. Ailis' hearing loss is the result of life-threatening inflammation of the brain when she was young... Read More

Andrea Pazos is a Spanish Creative Technologist based in Manchester. She has been collaborating and working with different artists, creating interactive installations and digital artwork. She works using different media but is now focused in sonic art and interaction design...Read More